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Who is Prajwal Bhattarai?

World Record holder Prajwal Bhattarai has multiple world record acknowledged by World Books of Record and International World Records .He been engaged in various programs as coordinator and involved in several organizations. On Behalf of leading positions, he has been involved national and international wide to talk about the role of youth in nation-building and youth leadership, inspiration, start-ups along social entrepreneurship. He commenced his academic activism career as a project organizer, where he collaborated with a variety of professionals and newcomers to create a space for innovation.  As an academic activist, he advocates for quality education by adopting these outstanding breakthroughs and instilling a technological mindset in which he can create and share ideas and approaches for developing today’s great youth leaders. He also advocates for gender equality, educational parity, and youth empowerment in the hopes of bringing about constructive change. Being a Socio — Academic activist, he does advocacy for having good quality education by putting these remarkable innovations and creating a mindset in terms of technology. Where he could provide and share ideas and techniques for creating great youth leaders for tomorrow. Also, he is Leadership Coach, PM Strategist, Soft Skills Trainer, Multiple World Record Holder | Entrepreneur, Law Enthusiast/Researcher, Youth Mentor, Program Initiator, International Award Winner & Speaker.

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Prajwal Bhattarai also has a longstanding experience of youth activism, working with a wide range of communities to inspire youths, rural society, politicians, activists, leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Thus, to alter people’s lives via their ideas and visions. Furthermore, he has been working hard to promote and spread the importance of the need for public speaking, digitization, parliamentary debates, awareness, social work, and innovative academic programs, among other things. He would also want to introduce himself as a passionate creative who works in the areas of idea development, content writing, visual arts, animations, video editing, and literary works. 

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